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One of the best ways to learn German effectively is to take a German language course in a German-speaking country!
In a completely German-speaking environment you will quickly be able to read German texts, understand spoken German and successfully communicate with locals.

Once you have decided to incorporate language learning into your trip, you should take the utmost care in choosing your language school. Communication oriented teaching methods and small groups where you are assured your share of the teacher's attention are just two important qualities that define a successful German language learning experience.

Learning German during an international German course in a major Austrian or German city is the key to a successful German language education.  If you are looking for the perfect course, we suggest you turn to the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna, Austria.

On the ActiLingua website you can find a city comparison vor Vienna, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, a fact-check for the German language and 3 reasons why Vienna is one of the best cities in the world! Find out, if you should learn German in Germany or Austria!

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Learn German at ActiLingua Academy in Vienna.

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