Learn German during a Trip to Salzburg

Learn to speak German while in Salzburg!

Located between two spectacular mountains, the Kapuzinerberg and the Mönchsberg, and the Salzach River, Salzburg is a picturesque city with small alleys, quaint colourful town houses, opulent castles and palaces, well-presented gardens and a large number of churches and monasteries.
Enjoy the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart while learning and practising German. This is a city full of intellectual culture, music and style. Treat yourself to a traditional 'melange' coffee in Salzburg's beautiful old town or take advantage of its close proximity to the Austrian mountains and surrounding lakes.

In Austria, people speak standard German, a pure and correct form of German with a melodious pronunciationLearn German while visiting Salzburg - directly where the language is spoken. Get to know Salzburg and Austrian culture, all while you study and benefit from modern and social German language instruction.

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Learning German in Salzburg!

Despite the University of Salzburg being a mere 40 years old, the city looks back on a long tradition of higher education and academic training. The University of Salzburg offers various computer science study programmes as well as many courses in such fields as biology and ecology.

Being proud of its reputation as the City of Mozart, Salzburg is also home to a highly renowned musical academy called the 'Mozarteum'.

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