Learn German during a Trip to MUNSTER, MUENSTER, MÜNSTER

Learning to speak German in Münster, Muenster, Munster!

Münster's charm lies in its people who are generally easy-going, communicative and largely stress resistant. This makes them the perfect community to study the German language in. Numerous pubs, coffee shops and beer garden underline this interest in the communal aspects of life and are often highly frequented centres of small-talk and lively discussions.

Münster is a city full of greenery , full of parks and surrounded by rolling hills, woodlands and beautiful mountains. It is also close to Düsseldorf, Cologne and Germany's main industrial region the 'Ruhrpott'...
As a result if you ever feel the need to immerse yourself in urban living, the biggest urbanized area in Germany can be reached easily and effortlessly.

Why not underteak a German study program in Münster, one of Germany's major cities. Well selected German courses with small international study groups should allow for individual and intensive German language tuition.

Studying in Münster!

The considerable number of students in the city contributes to Münster's young and likeable flair.
Münster university offers a full range of academic study topics - approximately 120 different courses of study in the humanities, medicine, and the social and natural sciences - and is an institute of higher learning with a long tradition and a rich history full of changes and surprises.

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