Learn German during a Trip to Innsbruck

Learning to speak German in Innsbruck!

Innsbruck is situated in the middle of the Austrian AlpsLearn German in Innsbruck where its enchanting historic city centre and a number of charming coffee shops invite you to discover Tyrolean flair and culture. 
The nearby mountains are easily accessible by public transport and guarantee impressive scenery as well as beautiful walks and hikes.

In Austria, people speak standard German, a pure and correct German with a melodious pronunciation. Study the subtleties of the German language with an international German course, while spending time in Innsbruck enjoying its natural beauty and historic sights.

Are you interested in learning German in a German-speaking country?  If so, you can click here for more information or to book your course straight away.  ActiLingua Academy in Vienna is highly recommended for German language learning.  Its central location lets you visit cities like Innsbruck in order practise your German with locals. 

Studying in Innsbruck!

Innsbruck's University combines tradition with modern research. Among other excellent study programmes, it features a renowned faculty of medicine, which attracts students and staff from all over the world.

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