Learn German during a Trip to Heidelberg

Learning to speak German in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg's popularity is based on 3 distinct elements: its location, castle and university. Situated in the valley of Neckar river, the beautiful old town with its sights and narrow, picturesque roads, is easily accessible on foot.
A lively main street is ideal for an extended shopping trip: In the pedestrian area no cars or forms of public transport are allowed to disturb the shopping experience.

Heidelberg's intellectual character is perfect for those wishing to stay longer and undertake effecitve German language studies. Study German in Heidelberg for full cultural immersion. It's fun to learn German in Heidelberg.

Studying in Heidelberg!

Heidelberg has always been known for its focus on education and learning: Germany's first ever university was founded here. Quite a few Nobel laureates stem from those halls. Heidelberg's cultural life is also determined by its status as a university town.
The faculty of medicine enjoys an especially excellent reputation.

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