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Learning German at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg!

Come and enjoy learning German in beautiful Bamberg - UNESCO - world hertiage. The Treffpunkt institute is a small establishment of an unique learning excellence for adult learners. It offers a variety of German programmes including recreational activities.

Bamberg's atmosphere is unique: charged with historic importance, packed with architectural highlights and filled with restaurants to over indulge in. Bamberg's seven hills invite visitors to stroll through its narrow streets with ancient buildings and marvel at the way things used to be.
Contrary to its traditional appearance, Bamberg has a strong interest in modern research and contemporary culture and has a lot to offer in these areas.

Interestingly Bamberg is quite typically representative of German culture and lifestyle in general: beer gardens and pedestrian areas as zones of communication are perfect for soaking up German vocabulary and colloquialisms, with an exceptionally well-preserved old town, idyllic streets, beautiful surrounding countryside to explore... and open-minded and friendly inhabitants.

Learn German in Bamberg in an international German program with full cultural immersion - the most effective way of learning German. Treat yourself to an exquisite language learning experience and discover Northern Bavaria!

Studying in Bamberg!

Bamberg university is a moderately sized academic institution. With just over 7000 students you have the chance to be treated as an individual in your course of studies. Bamberg university makes every effort to provide a broad field of studies.
For people interested in the German language, it might be worthwhile finding out about its 'German as a Foreign language'
(Deutsch als Fremdsprache, DaF) study program

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