E-Mail or regular Mail?

How to send your job application letter?

Sometimes the job posting explicitly asks for applications via Email or regular mail. You must absolutely respect the required method of communication! However, if it is not stated the decision may not be easy.

Application via Email

Very often it is totally acceptable to apply for a job via Email. However, to make sure that your CV and cover letter look presentable on screen or printed do not copy the text into the text field of the email. It looks much more professional to attach a word document or a PDF file. (When you attach a word document be aware that your employer can see how you have designed it: Use tabs not the space bar!) Very often you do not have a digital version of your references and diplomas… You can either scan and send them as image files or offer to send them by regular mail if requested.

Application via regular mail

Find a nice folder to collect your application sheets in. Merely stuffing them into an envelope will not leave the best impression. The inclusion of references and diplomas in the first letter is probably expected and gives your application more weight. Do not send originals.. send high quality copies.
Paper and printing quality should be the same and as good as possible.
Sign your cover letter by hand and make sure that the postage is sufficient!

Get organised!

Esp. when applying to several jobs it is helpful to collect job postings and applications in a folder. It is embarrassing when you are invited to an interview but cannot remember the exact job description!

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