Learn German
During a Trip to Berlin

Learning to speak German while visiting Berlin!

Berlin is the perfect location for learning the German language. Full of life and energy, and filled with all sorts of cultural activities ranging from intellectual operas and theatre performances to a vibrant alternative scene, Berlin offers total immersion in the German language and culture.
Berlin's spirit and relaxed lifestyle guarantees an exceptional holiday and a successful German language learning experience.
Learn German in Berlin, directly were it is spoken. German language courses abroad greatly help your foreign language skills and improve your career options.

Are you interested in learning German in a German-speaking country?  If so, you can click here for more information or to book your course straight away.  ActiLingua Academy in Vienna is highly recommended for German language learning.  Its central location lets you visit cities like Berlin in order practise your German with locals. 

Studying in Berlin!

Berlin features numerous educational facilities. The highly renowned Free University (Freie Universität Berlin), Humboldt University, Berlin University of the arts and Berlin University of Technology are among the most important and traditional institutions in Europe.

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Learn German at ActiLingua Academy in Vienna.

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