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Learning to speak German in Cologne!

Cologne is a city steeped in history and now part of an intriguing present as Germany's Media capital . From Cologne, day trips to the Rhine Valley and to Mosel, Germany's major wine region, are highly enjoyable.

A German language course is a great chance to get to know Cologne in fascinating detail and to learn to understand more about German language and culture.

Learn German in Cologne directly where the language is spoken. German language tuition in Cologne, Germany will greatly improve your language skills and open the door to new personal and professional opportunities.

Studying in Cologne!

Comparable to Frankfurt, Cologne university was not founded by dignitaries of the church but by the people of Cologne. From the very beginning, it offered all traditional faculties: medicine, law, theology and philosophy.
Today, the University of Cologne offers a broad range of courses and fields of study. Its focus on media studies is especially attractive, due to the regional focus in this area. Molecular biology and genetics are amongn the other important faculties attracting students from all over the world.

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