International work experienve & Internship abroad

Working abroad

Have you ever thought about working abroad?
A sound command of a foreign language and work experience abroad canbe a massive help to you on the way to your chosen career.
You have a head start on the competition, better career opportunities and, as a result, a solid foundation for a successful future. recommends:

ActiLingua Academy offers a highly recommended work abroad program: High-quality German language courses in combination with an internship and work experience in Austria.

The work experience program consists of two stages:
Firstly, the German language preparation course in Vienna.
Secondly, Work Experience/Internship in a carefully selected Austrian company for anything from one month up to one year.

Through this you improve your German language skills, gain insights into the culture and lifestyle of a foreign country and get work experience!

Find out about ActiLingua's Work experience & Internship abroad program: recommends:
Learn German and gain international work experience at ActiLingua Academy in Vienna.

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