Learn German during a Trip to Frankfurt

Learning to speak German in Frankfurt am Main!

Study abroad programs in Germany's business capital: Frankfurt's international flair certainly guarantees an inspiring stay.
Frankfurt's economy is based on two distinct pillars: banking and international trade fairs. Along with many other significant financial institutions, Germany's national bank has its base here.
Frankfurt is a big player in the lobal trade fair business. One of the calender highlights is Frankfurt's book fair. The biggest book fair worldwide dates back to the 15th century. Its popularity has been consistently increasing ever since.

Frankfurt is the perfect opportunity to explore a modern and dynamic city and enjoy its tolerant and open-minded spirit while discovering the subtleties and beauty of the German language.

Learn German in Frankfurt: Intensive German language courses offer individual German language instruction. Learn German in tailored German language programs and profit from the flair and infrastructure of Frankfurt am Main.

Studying in Frankfurt am Main!

Frankfurt's university is named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and has always been famous for its secular character and was founded on the basis of private donations. It has always been a stronghold of philosophy and literary studies (Erich Fromm, Theodore W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin) and physics (Max Born).

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