Learn German during a Trip to Graz

Learning to speak German in Graz!

Study German in Graz and enjoy the southern flair of the City. Situated in the South of Austria, Graz offers a heady mixture of Austrian and Mediterranean culture. With great weather, an impressive old town and a large and wide variety of cultural highlights you are invited to explore the city's unique spirit.

In Austria people speak standard German, a pure and correct form of German with a melodious pronunciation. Discover Graz while effectively improving your German language skilsl through intensive German language tuition.

Studying in Graz!

Graz is one of the biggest cities in Austria, second only to the nation's capital Vienna. Its university can look back on an impressive history of academic tradition offering study in all major fields .
One of the many highlights is the German as a foreign language (DaF, Deutsch als Fremdsprache) study course.

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