Learn German during a Trip to Vienna

Learn to speak the German language in Vienna, Austria!

Austria's capital city Vienna offers visitors many different sightseeing opportunities. St. Stephan's Cathedral, as a result of its long construction time, combines a variety of different architectural styles.
The Ringstrasse, the former surrounding belt of the city centre, became a magnificent boulevard in the 19th century and is definitely worth a walk.
A must see for tourists is the Schönbrunn Palace which is the former summer residence of the Habsburgs much noted for its parks, palm house and zoo. Vienna, Austria is also the perfect loaction to learn the German language and experience all that Vienna has to offer.

Learn the German language in Vienna and experience Austria's famous capital city.
Vienna is a traditional melting pot for what used to be a multinational empire during the Habsburg monarchy. This cultural diversity resulted in the transformation of Vienna as Austria's capital in to one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Europe.
Moreover, Vienna is a secure and comfortable place, easily accessible by use of the city's excellent public transport network.

Learn the standard form of the German language in Vienna, Austria directly in a country were the language is spoken.
In Vienna people speak standard German, a pure and correct form of German with a melodious pronunciation. An international study program greatly helps your German language proficiency and also provides you with the opportunity to discover Vienna, one of Europe's most attractive cities yourself.

Studying the German Language in Vienna, Austria!

There are few subjects that you cannot study in Vienna. A multitude of courses ranging from business, law, medicine, computer sciences to various languages, arts and natural sciences rival for the students attention. Combined with the inspiration the city itself provides this choice of academic training earns Vienna an excellent academic reputation. Learn German in Vienna and you could even study through the medium of German at one of Vienna's prestigious universities

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