Exercise 2

Die Adjektivdeklination I

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Fill in the correct ending.

1. Siehst Du diesen groß Mann mit den süß Kindern?

2. Ich finde alle blond Frauen attraktiv.

3. Mancher faul Student lernt nicht genug.

4. Er spricht mit den freundlich Touristen über die schön Stadt.

5. In den alt Büchern kann man manche interessant Information finden.

German Exercise Manual:

If you think you know the correct answer of any question fill it in. After clicking on the button "Submit your answers" correct answers are marked with green colour and an icon. You do not have to fill in all the answers before you press the button: Unanswered sentences and incorrect solutions are left open so that you can try again. Sometimes the correct answer will be a blank text field. In this case, fill in "-"‘.
Note: The text fields are sensitive to capitalized letters.
In case you get stuck click the help icon and get the correct answer letter by letter.

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