Beginner's lessons

Free Online Beginner‘s German lessons

10 German lessons build up an overview of basic German grammar rules employing concise grammar tables to help in learning basic German. All grammar table exercises are followed by graded German exercises for you to practise and improve your grasp on the German language.

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Advanced lessons

Free Online Advanced German lessons

24 German lessons, help advanced students learn German online with exercises in 3 different levels of difficulty. 7 tips on new German orthography also allow for deeper insight into the workings of the German language.

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Test your German

Test Your German

Would you like to find out how good your German skills really are? Then take a few minutes' time to complete one of the two free online German tests. Depending on how much time you have at your disposal, you can choose between the short German test or the long German test.

Test your German
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Learning German online has never been easier. 10 German lessons for total beginners and 24 German grammar lessons for advanced learners are complemented by numerous interactive German language exercises , an introduction to new German language orthography and 2 online German language tests to improve and to evaluate your German language proficiency. And the best part: it’s completely FREE! Additionally, helpful study tips, advice on a successful job application, a German Podcast and famous German quotations top off our free services!

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